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Love Thy Health [entries|friends|calendar]
Being Healthy Without Pain

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[03 Jun 2006|09:35am]

I think, for the time being, I will revive this for my use. I will use it as a seperate journal for keeping track of what's going on in my life in the way of losing weight. My goal is 30 pounds for right now. I didn't set a date for when that has to happen, I don't want to set goals like that becuase it's dissapointing when you can't meet them. Right now there are a few helpful things I have set up to motivate me.

1. I've put a bar graph on the fridge that shows each pound that I've lost. That way I see that before stuffing my face with butter covered in sugar. Every 5 pounds I get something with a great thing at the top!

2. On my days off when I'm eating more, I swim!

3. I'm setting up a savings plan to get an excercise bike.

4. If I don't buy junk food, I can't eat it!

-4 pounds!
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Hello, Ashley and friends. [27 Apr 2005|11:02am]

[ mood | determined ]

I figure I'm as determined as I'm ever going to be, so here goes.

For those who don't know me, I'm Jane. I've sort of wanted to be healthier and lose weight for some time, but it feels like I've put some on. I think my problem is all that food you eat that you don't notice - Woofie (my boyfriend) says I don't eat that much, but it's the little things that make the difference.

Another thing is I also tend to fit in with Woofie's eating habits, which are pretty rigid; the difference being A. he doesn't really feel bothered about these things (:p), and B. he doesn't get fat, lucky thing. XP Lastly, I also live in the city, where it's all too tempting just to get something to eat in the city centre, which is ok now and then, but if you do it too often you end up gaining weight and having less money. >_>

I have taken some measures so far, to help both my health and my purse strings, like taking a bottle of tap water with me to college instead of buying a drink, and having a bowl of pasta with herbs for lunch. I've also tried to walk more of the way to college a few days a week, as long as I don't have my huge, heavy portfolio thing to carry at the time. :p

So, I thought I'd join here - I'm a bit embarrassed, but it helps that I already know Ashley and there aren't many people here. :p Hopefully it'll help keep me on the straight and narrow, as it were. First of all I'll start writing down everything I eat, which will work in tandem with writing down everything I spend (I want to become better at budgeting, too << >>), and see how that shapes up.

Now, while I'm in a determined mood, I shall go and continue that homework I have to do. << >> Thanks for reading this. ^_^;

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Just introducing myself [04 Apr 2005|05:12pm]

Hello, I am 22 and am trying to lose some weight, but in a healthy way. More importantly, I want to teach myself healthy eating skills because I have gone so long under the influence of disordered eating habits. These habits have brought me up and down since I was 14 and have pretty much wreaked havoc with my ability to well, eat normally. I want to teach myself to have my three meals a day, eat balanced, healthy foods, and I want to have a sweet each day with out going into an all out binge. So far I've been doing this fairly well for 2 or 3 weeks, and I've been losing a bit, but I thought joining a few communities might help me find support.
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My smaller butt... [29 Mar 2005|09:53am]

My butt is a little smaller, which I don't think is noticable to anyone else, but my pants fit different. My tummy is a little flatter. I haven't lost much weight, but I've also gained muscle. My arms are more toned.

Pushing carts has it's advantage.

My goal(s) for april will be concentrating on serving sizes, and eating more vegetables.

I've been drinking 100% not from concentrate orange juice. There's nothing added, so it's just pure orange juice. I figured that it's as good as eating fruit. I don't trust buying fruit from anywhere. I've been drinking a glass of (chocolate) milk a day. I wish I could drink plain milk, but it's just too gross. I drink it early in the morning so I burn off the extra caleries from the chocolate by the evening.

I'm trying to get more sleep.

And I'm trying to work out.

Try try try..

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Ugh. [15 Mar 2005|02:24am]


I just bought some blackberries, some plums and some oranges. The oranges were begining to get moldy. The balckberries have mold on them. [it was on in the middle so I couldn't see it all. Walking through the produce section I saw a lot of moldy fruit.

I'm talking to a manager today.

So much for my goal.

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[12 Mar 2005|12:13am]

I was thinking that as a community [of three people >>] we could set a montly goal of something we can do to make our bodies healthier. Examples:

- Give up Caffine
- Give up Fast Food
- Eat 5 servings of fruit a day

You guys get the idea. If you have one inparticular that you want to do, just comment and we can decide. It will start monday and go until 30 days are reached. If it's an addiction, like caffine, I don't expect you to drop it like a hat. Ween off it so you don't go crazy. I've been drinking a lot of caffine ever since working at McDonalds. I gave it up for a month and was very cranky towards everyone. That's what waking up at 4 am does to people I guess. As for fast food, I've found that giving it up and then eating it again a few weeks later leads to some very interesting gastro intestinal problems. So if you give up fatty fast food, and have to go through drive through, get grilled chicken or salads or something like that.

On another note, this is a general health forum. Other then eating healthy and taking care of your insides, I would like people to take care of their outside. Next time you're in the health and beauty section, pick up some moisterizing body wash instead of soap. I recently started using dove's green tea and cucumber body wash, and all I have to say is Mmmmm.. My hands are even getting less and less dry and I have Eczema. I also bought some nightly renewal lotion which I use during the day too.

Since the current members are artsy types, then you will understand this. The amount of money you put towards your art [in this case your body] can affect it's quality. Always go for the most expensive that you can afford.

There you go.

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[11 Mar 2005|12:25pm]

hello, my name is zac, i'm a friend of ashleys.
i'm joining this community because recently i've been trying to be healthier.  about 5-6 months ago i weighed around 205.  i'm only 5'7", so yeah, i was a bit overweight.  i am now at about 190, and this has inspired me to do even better and get down to around 170.  i do have some muscle which i know weighs more than fat, i lift weights every day, i'm not trying to be a meat head but i do want some muscle tone.
i basically want to lose my stomach fat, the rest of my body is proportional, i have tone arms and muscular legs but i just have this flab of fat on me that makes me feel so unattractive, and i'm not trying to lose weight to look good or be a skinny bastard, i just like feeling good have having more energy.
the one thing i've been committed to is drinking water. i now drink around 4-5 liters a day, and on most days, that's pretty much all i drink. i do have the occational diet sprite or glass of milk but that's about it.
i've also been committed to lifting weighs, doing calf raises, and doing crunches every day.  the one thing i want to do is get some cardo exercies in order to burn more fat.  i walk alot at work, i'm on my feet and active all day five days a week, so that helps.  when the weather gets nicer i'm going to start biking. 
i do watch what i eat, i've yet to develop the will power to stay away from the potato chips and candy however. especially at work because no one i work with is health concious so they buy junk food all day and offer it to me, that's my main downfall.
so i'm hoping joining this community will inspire me even further to reach my goal of 170 pounds, and the goal of maintaining that weight.
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[11 Mar 2005|03:10am]


I hope everyone that joins this community will continue to use it and be happy with themselves.

I lost almost a hundred pounds my Freshman/sophomore school year. I of course did it all the wrong way. I starved myself and excercised too much. I'm still paying the price today. I'm serverly anemic, so I'm tired all the time. I gained back almost 30 pounds, which I hope to lose again through healthy weight loss. I'm moving in with my best friend sometime in April or May. We've agreed to have only healthy things in our fridge and work out together. She's 116 pounds, which is a healthy weight for her. I'm 165 right now, which is almost too much for my height or 5'9. I do have a lot of muscle, not as much as I used to, but mostly I'm just fat. I've gained weight being here at my grandma's and it sucks. She only makes fatty fried foods and doesn't buy much else. My mom and her boyfriend moed into the house, and the only good news from that is that Kenny cooks healthy food.

At one point I was stationary biking 20 miles a day, and I would like to get back to something like that. I will start with biking for 20 minutes a day and maybe Tae bo three times a week. That will help build muscle tone that i need to gain back.

That's all. Wow, that's the first time I've ever posted my weight on Lj.

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[11 Mar 2005|09:25am]

[ mood | rushed = P ]

I don't believe in dieting or all the new dieting books that are circulating around now. I just believe in eating healthy and exercising. Thats all you really have to do really.That and have a positive attitude.

I love to run. I dont make it into a chore. I run when I want to run. For me running is a realease I don't have to think about anything while I'm running or worry about my current worries its just me running. I run as much as I feel like running. However I set a default of 1 mile if I feel like running anything above 1 mile (which I usually run about 6) then thats great !

Because of running I've lost 20 pounds that I wasnt aiming to loose now I weigh 116. I thought if I loose weight it would be a bonus but not something that would control me to run.

I've recently gave up soda,caffinated tea (It was hard because I love Peach Ice Tea T_T) and foldgers vanilla cappaucino(sp).Because of that I'm able to go to bed at a decent time and not linger on 'till the wee hours of the morning from a caffine buzz. I sleep better too.

Your body should never become dependent on something. Because then it has a potential to become an unhealthy habbit. Thats why I gave up caffinated things. By the end of the month though I'm going to allow for a treat. A nice cold Dr.pepper.

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RULES! [11 Mar 2005|01:57am]

These are rules for this community:

1. I don't want post about you starving yourself. If this is what you're doing, I offer you no help here.

2. I don't want posts about you working out 24 hours a day, risking injury to yourself. This is about being healthy, not about disorders.

3. If you have a sexual health type post, please LJ cut it for the sake of people with nosey parents.

That's all for now.

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[11 Mar 2005|01:51am]

These are some guidelines. Rules will be coming.

Step 1. Say Goodbye to Dieting
Forget all about dieting! In fact, you should remove the words diet and dieting from your mind, altogether. Why? Because they are getting in the way. They are preventing you from tackling your weight problem. Every time you hear these words you switch off and reach for the cookies. Result? Your weight problem gets worse.

Step 2. Say Hello to Healthy Eating
Healthy eating is a much nicer phrase than dieting. Start using it today.

Step 3. Put Away Your Scales
Weighing scales don't make you lose weight. They just terrorize you. Put them away now! (Actually, don't put them away until you finish reading this page, because you'll need them to complete Step 5.)

Step 4. Stop Worrying About Your Weight
Here's why:

Worrying about your weight makes you fatter
Why? Because worry makes you miserable.
Result? You eat cookies and get fatter.
Worrying about your weight problem makes you less able to solve it
Why? Because worry makes you feel more of a failure. Result? You are beaten before you start.
Worrying is a waste of your valuable time
Do something you enjoy, instead.
Want to Lose Weight?
See our Recommendations for Best Diet Plan

Step 5. Take Your Clothes Off and Look in the Mirror
Ideally, do it tomorrow morning, before breakfast.
At the same time, please do the following:

Weigh yourself
Measure your bust, waist, hips and thighs.
Step 6. Start Looking Ahead
Don't worry about how you look next week, or next month.
Take a longer term view - say, 6 months.

Decide what weight you would like to be in 6 months.
Decide on a good incentive to help motivate yourself.

Step 7. For the Next 7 Days Keep a Food Diary
(a) Write down every single thing you eat. (b) Write down when you ate it.

Don't waste time cheating.
The purpose of this diary is to enable you to see what you actually eat, as opposed to what you think you eat! Also, it will help you to see when you eat.

So far, you have done a number of important things:

You have stopped thinking about dieting and worrying about your weight.
You have decided how much weight you want to lose and why.
You have taken a good honest look at yourself and your eating habits.
Step 8. Create a Healthy Eating Plan for Yourself
Keep it simple, as follows:

Eat regular amounts of these foods
Fruit, vegetables (fresh/frozen/canned), whole wheat bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, oats, wholegrain cereal.
Guide: Eat a minimum of 5 helpings of fruit & vegetables, per day.
Guide: Eat a minimum of 5 helpings of whole wheat or wholegrain foods, per day.
Eat regular amounts of these foods
Skimmed milk, fat-free yogurt, lower-fat cheese.
Guide: Eat a minimum of 3 helpings of lower-fat dairy foods (milk, yogurt) per day.
Guide: Limit yourself to a maximum of 1 matchbox size piece of cheese, per day.
Eat smaller amounts of these protein foods
Eggs, fish, red meat, turkey and chicken.
Guide: Eat no more than 4 eggs a week.
Guide: Red meat, limit yourself to 1 x 3oz portion a day (size of deck of cards).
Guide: Re Fish, turkey or chicken, you can eat 50% more - but no fat!
Eat TINY amounts of these foods
Oil, butter, soft margarine/spread, mayonnaise, cream, refined sugar.
Water, fruit juices, tea or coffee (but easy on Espressos!)
Enjoy the occasional
Pastry, cookie, candy bar/chocolate, bag of popcorn/potato chips/crisps
Guide: 'Occasional' means (say) once a week.
If you know very little about diet nutrition, take action to find out more.
Surveys show that the more we know about healthy eating and diet nutrition, the easier it is to lose weight.

Step 9. Fill Your Refrigerator With Healthy Food
We eat whatever sits in our refrigerator. So empty out the junk food and fill up on foods from Step 8.

Step 10. Learn How to Cheat
Do you hate fruit and vegetables? If so, that's tough. You MUST make friends with fruit and vegetables. Eat at least 5 helpings per day, although more is better. There are no substitutions. However, you can cheat. Here's how:

Make home made soup. Ideally, add spices, a little lean meat and lots of vegetables.
You won't taste the vegetables.
Make fresh orange juice
Many people won't eat 3 whole oranges every day. But they will drink the juice!
Make blended fruit drinks (smoothies)
Guide: Use 1 cup of fresh fruit + 1 cup fruit juice. For extra creaminess add a little fat-free fruit yogurt.

Step 11. Trim That Fat
Get into the habit of trimming all the fat off meat. All means all. This alone will dave you thousands of calories AND help you to live longer.

Step 12. Learn How to Snack Healthily
Fruit, cereal and fat-free yogurt are excellent choices, so are thick sandwiches (lots of thick crusty bread, small amount of margarine/spread, lots of lower fat filling.)

Step 13. Be Choosy Where You Dine Out
Frequent dining out (main meal) is one of the biggest reasons why America is so fat. So be choosy!

Don't enter a fast food restaurant unless it's a SPECIAL treat.
Never dine out on the spur of the moment.
Limit yourself to one dining out experience, per fortnight.

Step 14. Don't Go Hungry
Don't forget about food and allow yourself to go hungry. For any healthy eater, hunger is a crime. In fact, going hungry is the dumbest thing you can do. Never go hungry!

Step 15. Be More Active
Ideally, set aside 20 minutes a day to exercise (or 2 x 10 minutes) and gradually build up to 30 minutes a day. Yes, you may hate it to begin with but, believe me, exercise grows on you! Besides, it's worth remembering that exercise leaves you with MORE energy, not less. See also Exercise for idiots.

Step 16. Follow This Diet Plan for 3 Months
By then you should have lost an easy 15-30 pounds.

The best thing is: Your eating habits will have improved tremendously. Which means you stand an excellent chance of keeping off the weight and getting your weight problem under control for good!

[Source: www.diet-i.com]
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