arcangelmadder (arcangelmadder) wrote in lovethyhealth,

My smaller butt...

My butt is a little smaller, which I don't think is noticable to anyone else, but my pants fit different. My tummy is a little flatter. I haven't lost much weight, but I've also gained muscle. My arms are more toned.

Pushing carts has it's advantage.

My goal(s) for april will be concentrating on serving sizes, and eating more vegetables.

I've been drinking 100% not from concentrate orange juice. There's nothing added, so it's just pure orange juice. I figured that it's as good as eating fruit. I don't trust buying fruit from anywhere. I've been drinking a glass of (chocolate) milk a day. I wish I could drink plain milk, but it's just too gross. I drink it early in the morning so I burn off the extra caleries from the chocolate by the evening.

I'm trying to get more sleep.

And I'm trying to work out.

Try try try..

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